Wireless hangs on validating identity

Autoping to a specific WA Agent fails although the WA Agent is active.

SDServer plugin crashes with the error "sd_caused an EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION in module sd_server.exe"CA Cross-Enterprise Application Performance Management for Mainframe: JVMJZBL1011E JNI_Create Java VM error, rc = -1How do I display my company's banner text and logo image on web browser pages in place of the CA Service Desk banner text and logo?

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If not then please send me the log below from the machine in question but run the tool when the machine is in range of your router and says it is connected and all of that jive. Description: Product: Age of Empires III -- Error 1311. Verify that the file exists and that you can access it.

Source file not found(cabinet): C:\DOCUME~1\NELTOT~1. Description: Product: Age of Empires III -- Error 1311. Verify that the file exists and that you can access it.

Double click that status icon to pull up Wireless Network Connection Status and it shows Connection Status: Validating identity Network: (name of my home network) Duration: (currently at -- yes "connected" for almost 3 hours, but not actually allowing internet connectivity) Speed 54.0 Mbps Signal Strength: 5 bars Activity Packets: Sent 256 Received 3 Sorry if this is over-detailed, (or maybe I've actually given too few details to solve the problem).

It would be extremely helpful to get my laptop wifi working at home so I can bring some work home a lot easier, especially through the next 2 weeks of holiday season.

It was a very easy fix, after all the time I wasted.... Hope it helps: Another possibility for anyone else out there who happens to find this thread while searching for problems is that the Laptop if its old enough and running windows XP, does not have the ability to recognize the WPA2 security protocols, which if a new router is installed, is probably the security the network has.

This is a really easy fix: First download the Microsoft XP update KB893357 on a computer that has internet and get it to the computer that doesn't via flash drive or burning it to a CD.

Nas alarm counts are not in sync between UMP USM and the Infrastructure Manager alarm subconsole Does the RSA BSAFE DUAL_EC_DRBG vulnerability affect CA Service Desk Manager or its components?

When creating a custom CA Business Intelligence (CABI) Web Intelligence (WEBI) report and using a Derived Universe, there are issues with reports that contains objects from the OOTB TICKET UNIVERSE CLASS.

I get a message "Windows unable to find a certificate to log you on to the network" and it hangs saying "validating identity."I am only moderately compueter savvy so not sure what other information might be needed to get the right advice. It sounds like you've selected the wrong type of security. Certs are typically used incorporate environments as "admission tickets" to the wireless network using an authentication server which check the validity of the cert.

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