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When I’m off, I actually still like to be pretty busy.

A great morning run followed by brunch with someone I love, maybe later a museum or some other socially/emotionally stimulating activity, and end with making a yummy dinner or trying a place I’ve never been with some of my favorite cast-mates. Honestly, I’m still learning who exactly it is I’m staying true to.

My hope is that everyone feels comfortable and confident in their own skin.

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I was not a professional dancer before the show, and we do a full dance number each episode.

My character is so nuanced; she takes a lot of my time and attention to fully commit to bringing her to life.

In Powers, I got to live every actor’s dream and play a superhero!

We have an amazing stunt team with whom I train for fight scenes along with being hoisted in the air on wires to look like I’m soaring around the city. Playing characters who appear different from how people see me is a constant exploration.

Movies, plays, and live music are always winners in my book. I’ve seen you post your naturally big, beautiful, curly hair on Instagram and your message of embracing your most authentic self. I am constantly evolving as a woman, an actress, and a brand.

I decided I wanted to embrace my curly hair because I thought it was beautiful.

So with that, what does being part of this series mean to you and what new challenges do you think you’ll encounter playing your character Samantha? I’m honored and excited to be a part of this project and the Netflix family.

Netflix original shows have a charm and a vulnerability that is refreshing in this age of commercial break cliff-hangers and oversaturation of ‘reality’ television.

I’m young myself, and open to life’s possibilities.

Who’s to say I won’t eventually pursue one or all of those things?

For me, it’s hard to pick a favorite role because each holds a special place in my heart and has propelled my career in a favorable direction. [I like] trying to understand the way they think, react, and make choices. I could say it’s like meeting someone new each time and then they become a life-long friend or acquaintance—depending on the character. I know them as separate from me, which allows me to be free in making the boldest choices possible when bringing them to life.

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