Who is dating who on vampire diaries

Bonnie is Elena's best friend, who is a bubbly, optimistic, carefree, spirited girl.

Although her best friend is Elena, she is also very close friends with Caroline.

Who is dating who on vampire diaries Sex conversations to read

But he's far from stupid, and Elena's desperate attempts to protect him from the vampires only serve to make him suspicious and start to distrust her.

Caroline is Elena and Bonnie's ''other'' friend (and uncomfortably aware of this).

Early in the series, Stefan fatefully meets and falls in love with Elena Gilbert.

He develops a mutual romantic relationship with her while protecting her and her loved ones both from his own nature and other vampires.

Elena's little brother took their parents' death poorly, falling into self-destruction and drug abuse.

He also fell in love with the troubled and older Girl Next Door, Vicki Donovan.

She is a young, bubbly, spunky, shallow human turned vampire.

Caroline is a similarly rich and privileged young woman.

Elena is a 17-year-old popular, beautiful human girl.

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