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Try to add value in the First Name and remove it, the validation will be executed and an Error message will be displayed as shown here: Note: With Angular 1.3 and ng-touched, as soon as the control has blurred, you can now set a style on it, regardless of whether the value in the control was actually edited or not.

The above shows an error message for the First Name as it must start with a Capital letter.

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Validating text in javascript growing online dating community

The internal codename for the company's browser was Mozilla, which stood for "Mosaic killer", as the company's goal was to displace NCSA Mosaic as the world's number one web browser.

The first version of the Web browser, Mosaic Netscape 0.9, was released in late 1994.

In a way they can easily contact you from any page of your website.

So, here are Java Script codes to make Pop-up contact form : @import "

family=Raleway"; /*---------------------------------------------- CSS settings for HTML div Exact Center ------------------------------------------------*/ #abc img#close div#popup Contact form p h2 hr input[type=text] #name #email textarea #submit span button Popup contact form are event triggered form.

As the user click on the form button, it will appear on the screen.Netscape Communications realized that the Web needed to become more dynamic.Marc Andreessen, the founder of the company believed that HTML needed a "glue language" that was easy to use by Web designers and part-time programmers to assemble components such as images and plugins, where the code could be written directly in the Web page markup.In 1994, a company called Mosaic Communications was founded in Mountain View, California and employed many of the original NCSA Mosaic authors to create Mosaic Netscape.However, it intentionally shared no code with NCSA Mosaic.It is used to make webpages interactive and provide online programs, including video games.

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