Validating spanish vat numbers who is fat mike dating

Any other extraneous characters will be caught by the upcoming check.^( (AT)? In this case, you’re stuck putting everything on one line:^((AT)?

If you accept orders only from certain countries, you can leave out the countries that don’t appear in the country selection on your order form.

If you do, mention that you require the country code in the error message that tells the user the VAT number is invalid.

Unfortunately, Java Script does not support free-spacing.

Every now and then, new countries join the European Union, and member countries change their rules for VAT numbers.

If the number does not match the regular expression, the customer can correct the typo right away.

Retrieve the VAT number entered by the customer and store it into a variable.

You’re given the job of implementing an online order form for a business in the European Union.

European tax laws stipulate that when a VAT-registered business (your customer) located in one EU country purchases from a vendor (your company) in another EU country, the vendor must not charge VAT (Value-Added Tax).

Since the punctuation is only for readability, it is much easier to first strip all the punctuation, then validate the resulting bare VAT number.


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