User control not updating asp net

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Therefore, you should put your custom settings file there.

If you add a .settings file elsewhere in your project, the Project Designer will not be able to locate it. If you don’t already have a custom class for managing application values or if you just need something fast and easy for a simple utility app, then give the built-in options a try.

scoped values you have set back to the Settings object will be automatically saved.

You might think these value are saved back to the app.config file or the .config files mentioned previously but unfortunately no as that would be too easy. For example, my file was created at the following location: C:\Users\don\App Data\Local\Microsoft\Email Sender Net.vshost.exe_Url_layp1zjs3efmh3nnxgs3wj0if0kd3vz0\\user.config.

If different users login and use your application, each user can maintain their own separate and unique values making them perfect for user specific preferences. scoped values will be saved in a completely new user.config file.

This is actually clever and ensures that each version of your application does not clash or overwrite values from a previous version.

You also define a data type such as string, integer, date, even special types such as connection string. Only two possible scopes are available: tab on the left.

There you can define one or more values to be used by your application.

Or perhaps you are one of the many developers who gave up on using the app.config file because it never seemed to work or would pull up the incorrect values when accessing them in code.

Well the reason is because they do get out of sync.

Accept Changes() Catch ex As Exception changed Rows(0). Canceled = True End Try End Sub Private Sub Rad Grid1_Item Command(By Val source As Object, By Val e As Web Controls.


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