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Thanks to the Ghost CLI, upgrading Ghost has become a very easy and automated process.

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Not a problem - click on the post to open it for editing, then click the arrow next to the update button to delete the post.

Important Update 12/13/17 Please see our most recent update regarding service fees: We messed up.

And we’re looking at how we can make transforming back-end technology and processes part of the picture.

– authoritative data sets that can help form the infrastructure that underpins government services. We’ll prioritise producing guidance and patterns to help service teams meet the new version of the standard.

But the way government thinks about services is changing. This is highlighted by We’re looking at how a revised standard could help encourage service teams to bring operational colleagues into their decision-making.

We’re moving from looking at isolated transactions to looking at whole, end-to-end services. So there are more opportunities for caseworkers, call centre staff and other operational specialists to use their knowledge and expertise to help shape services.As a matter of fact, it was made just before 1.2.2 was tagged earlier today.So I assumed (bad practice, I'm sorry) that the latest release on GH (1.2.2 that was released today) was the release that this article was referring to (posted today). It exists to help government build and run effective, user-focused digital services.All public-facing transactional services must meet the Digital Service Standard, and there have been hundreds of assessments against it since it was introduced.'use strict'; //set up needed constants var branding = ; var default Branding = ; // debugger; function get Parameter By Name(name) try catch (e) finally var texts = {"title":"Wix Help Center","protected.contact-us-link":"https://com/contact/en?

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