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Emma Okonji In compliance with the directives from Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), that organisations should migrate from Internet Protocol version 4 (IPv4) to Internet Protocol version 6, (IPv6), e Stream has completed the migration of its network infrastructure from IPv4 to IPv6, in order to serve its customers better.

Announcing the development when representatives of e.

The Infi LINK 2×2 LITE was used for the last mile connectivity, linking all remote locations to the head office, relaying vital data streams and ensuring prompt and accurate delivery of every single packet of data transmitted.

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SAPAL had previously tested and deployed a number of wireless solutions from various vendors.

However, many of these solutions had their own problems when it came to delivering real time and reliable data streams.

500 Mbps for backbone links and 180 Mbps for last mile links, a much higher figure than those achieved using products from other manufacturers.

Grupo SITE acted as the project integrator and was responsible for designing the solution based on several key deliverables, mainly redesigning the network based on a ring topology as this was deemed right from the start to improve availability.

This caused excessive delays in the network, rendering video surveillance as ‘choppy’ broadcasts with badly fuzzy pictures and pixelated videos.

SAPAL needed to improve its resource management system to ensure that there was no wastage in the pipeline for customer service and the collection of outstanding fees.

SAPAL’s long-term telecommunications supplier, Grupo SITE, has been providing telecommunications solutions around Leon City for more than ten years.

The company specialises in wireless solutions, infrastructure and video surveillance as well as providing reliable network connectivity.

SAPAL (Sistema de Agua Portable y Alcantarillado de Leon) is the main municipal public water administration and provider in Leon City, Mexico, and is ranked as one of the three best providers in the country, supplying water to 99% of the city.

Its main corporate objective is to provide high-quality drinking water, sanitation and drainage as well as sewage removal and cleaning for the city.

“IPv4 provides a size of over four billion addresses against current population of about seven billion people hence, the need to upgrade to IPv6, which can provide up to 340 undecillion addresses.


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