Updating macafee detection signature

The Nir Soft files taken from Nir Launcher package 1.19.53.

Be aware that Antivirus signatures changes every day, so it's possible that if you check the virus alerts from today you'll get a little different result.

It doesn't really matter that the Antivirus developers only wanted to warn the user about a software that can be used by hacker, if the Antivirus program doesn't deliver the message to the end user correctly, then it' still a false positive.

It's important to say that some of the Antivirus programs imply that my tools are not a Virus by adding "not-a-virus" or "Hacktool" or "Riskware" strings to the alert name, but many users don't understand the meaning of these strings and still think that the file is infected.

Chrome and Firefox, the 2 most popular Web browsers today, already use the Malware detection system of Google for every downloaded file, so if Google system detects the downloaded file as malware, the Web browser blocks the download and displays a warning saying that the file is malicious.

Recently, I constantly get messages from people like "My Web browser blocks your software, please sent it to me by email", which is quite annoying.

In additional to the password-recovery tools downloaded separately, Nir Launcher package is also frequently blocked by Chrome and Firefox, simply because it contains the same password-recovery tools. In the last week, I had 3 days that my Web site was blocked for people who search my utilities in Google, and "This site may harm your computer" message was displayed in the search result.

The automatic systems of Google falsely detected that I have multiple malwares on my Web site, and blocked the access to my Web site from Google search results in order to protect the users from malwares that didn't really exist...Some of my tools have 2 different builds - one for using on 32-bit systems and one for using on 64-bit systems.Wireless Key View is one of these tools that is available in 2 builds - 32-bit and 64-bit.Removing the command-line options from these tools will cause the Antivirus companies to see them as a lower security risk than before, and hopefully some of them will remove them from their virus detection database.If a few Antivirus companies will remove the detection of my password-recovery tools from their system, the total number of Virus Total detection will be lower, and the chance of getting into troubles as described above will be lower too.It seems that now Google uses Virus Total technology to decide whether a file is good or bad.


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