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Looks like the funny but not so funny blues of a new hardware launch are now moving to the Xbox One, and one of the first problems seem to come from the infamous console bans by Microsoft, that happened quite often on Xbox 360 as well, and not always rightfully. The user laments that support won’t help him further, probably due to the policy about Xbox Live bans, that recites “Microsoft does not provide details about specific console bans”, but Personally I doubt this particular ban will last long.

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, but made it clear bans will still be used in some instances.

Microsoft will likely still ban Xbox Live players for clear patterns of nefarious activity or things like online fraud and Xbox console tampering.

This is defined as any invasive action, with the altering of hardware to create an unfair advantage in the competitive Live environment.

Additionally, this practice is recognized as a method of allowing pirated and other illegitimate software on the console.

While this reputation system has existed for years, Microsoft has received a large amount of feedback from competitive game players recently.

Overwatch players have been affected by a lot of false reports that have stopped players from participating with friends in games or being temporarily suspended from playing any Xbox Live games at all.If a console is banned for violations of the Terms of Use, the unit will not be repaired under any circumstances.For users that open and tamper with the console, this may become an issue in the future.Updating an Xbox 360 is mandatory when these updates are released.In so doing, the modded console is exposed to the Live service, running the risk of a console ban.You can watch the video below, and as usual take this with the proverbial grain of salt, as we have heard it only from the user’s point of view.

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