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So when Bracket, the dating app founded by Dallasite and financial manager-turned-entrepreneur Whitney Linscott scrolled across our screen, the competitive clap back at mindless swiping had us intrigued.

Linscott has transformed app-based dating to a March Madness-style competition, perfect for those who are looking to put the thought back into their thumbing.

The search generated some hilarious results, filling out his name as “in French”, his age as “in seconds” and his turn-ons as “hugging and depression”.

He also attempted to describe his ideal partner, with the autocomplete saying “a person who is addicted to alcohol, who can fix my car and who thinks the earth is flat.” He said: “I used Google autocomplete to write a dating profile and it may be the best dating profile ever.” Since posting the outcome on his Twitter, Technically Ron, the post has been retweeted by 18,000 Twitter users, and liked by 24,000.

We've got 5 reasons why selfies make great dating profile photos and everyone should at least consider them as part of their dating plan.

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“[Users] start each day with 16 potential dates based on your preferences,” Linscott says.

“You will be shown two profiles at a time and after viewing each dater’s pictures and bio you will have to advance one person, and the other will be knocked out of the bracket.Could your selfie really be the answer to your online dating success?Selfies have earned an unfair and negative reputation in the online dating world.If you’re using online dating sites to meet potential matches, it’s worth considering selfies as part of your photo plan so you can attract more potential matches.By all means include other great photos like full body recent images and images of you out doing fun activities as well as the selfies.First, let's clarify a few of the selfies that we're not talking about:1. You can take it over and over to get the perfect image that captures all the critical elements such as: eyes, a great smile, a flattering angle, clear image, good lighting, and some cleavage if you're a woman or your shoulders if you're a guy.


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  2. So don’t get too excited, it’s not built for anything as the name implies, “hook-ups” or “dating”.

  3. That’s wild.” Many speculated that the tweaks to the service were symptoms of larger struggles at the business. When it implodes we all got our money’s worth,” wrote one member.

  4. This happens because ENTJs like to question authority and ISTJs usually respect authority without much question.

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  7. But in 1978, two years before the murder conviction, there he was: Bachelor Number One.

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