Steamy chat

Within 2 seconds, the chips are lit and smoke billows out of the nozzle.

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When the bag is full of smoke, turn off the Smoking Gun, remove the nozzle and quickly finish sealing the bag to trap the smoke.

Let the cold smoke and olives sit there for a few minutes.

However, you can intensify the smokiness by repeating the smoking with a new pinch of wood chips. Instead of wood chips, I’ve also smoked with a pinch of black tea leaves.

Use the Smoked Olives to make a quick tapenade to serve over grilled shrimp, or a simple quesadilla.

In the 18th Century, Spanish missionaries brought olive trees to San Diego, California, where they found that combination of sunny days, cool evenings and fresh ocean air was perfect for growing olives.

Farmers planted thousands of acres of olive groves in response to the high demand for olive oil.

She owned a 20-acre olive grove, and faced with crop that she couldn’t sell quickly enough, Freda set out to find a preservation solution for the fruit.

Freda and her son, Edwin, consulted a state university professor for a pickling method, and set to work with 280 gallons of olives in barrels.“…she turned the back porch into a pickling plant, got some wine-casks, cut them in two, and went to work.

When at last she took a jar to the University she felt she had failed completely, because the olives showed every shade of green and brown and purplish black; and her surprise can hardly be imagined when the professor, having examined them, exclaimed, “They are the best ripe olives I have ever seen, and you are certainly an adept at pickling!

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