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Following their acquisition of all rights to Sasuke, TBS renamed the show Sasuke Rising for the 28th, 29th and 30th editions, but have since reverted to the original name.

Applicants are interviewed or auditioned and trial rounds are held to test their physical ability until the field is narrowed to 100 competitors.

The membership of the All-Stars has remained unchanged despite other successful competitors in later tournaments, notably, Yuuji Urushihara who completed the course in the 24th and 27th tournaments.

The All-Stars were officially 'retired' in the 28th tournament, only two of them continue to compete, and are now referred to as 'former All-Stars'.

The six consist of: † – Nagano touched the top of the Shin-Cliff Hanger after swinging from the second to the third ledge.

He disqualified himself, admitting his error and bowing out after he reached the next platform.

To date, Sasuke content has been aired in 157 countries.

Recorded on location at Midoriyama studio in Yokohama, it airs on Tokyo Broadcasting System between Japanese television drama seasons.

An Australian version launched on Nine Network in July 2017.

Netflix also started airing Ultimate Beastmaster, broadcast in 6 different languages in 2017, a Sasuke inspired show. While most are from Japan, national television personalities and Olympians from other countries, including the US, Bulgaria, China and Korea, have taken part in the competition.

In its 34 seasons, all four stages of the course were only completed a total of five times, by four different competitors.

These were Kazuhiko Akiyama and Yusuke Morimoto in the 31st competition (2015).

American Ninja Warrior is the United States version of show.

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