Sonny witha chance of dating

Straightaway Will and Gabi agree it was a mistake, and Will tells Gabi he is gay.

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They become friends, and they form a business partnership with their friend Chad Di Mera.

Frustrated by Will's lack of intimacy, Will's girlfriend Gabi Hernandez breaks up with him, and he has an emotional breakdown.

T is horrible to Will about his sexuality, and blames Sonny for "turning" Will gay.

Feeling rejected by his friend T, Will turns to Gabi, and they end up having sex.

However, when Will sees Sonny's friend Brian flirt with him, he believes he has missed his chance.

Will's high-school friend Tad "T" Stevens, who had been hostile to Sonny because of his sexual orientation, returns to town and finds out Will has been outed as gay.

On internet message boards, the couple is sometimes referred to by the portmanteau "Wil Son" (for Will and Sonny).

Will is the son of Lucas and Sami and Sonny is the son of Justin and Adrienne.

Chandler Massey said, "Will admires Sonny for being comfortable in who he is and seem like he has it all together." Will and Sonny were soon put in a relationship and critics and audience liked it.

Many critics have admired it for treating this couple like any other heterosexual couple.

With this information, Nick blackmails Will into signing away his parental rights.

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