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Cornish terms the English Sawsnek, from the same derivation.In the 16th century Cornish-speakers used the phrase Meea navidna cowza sawzneck to feign ignorance of the English language.Significant numbers settled in large parts of Great Britain in the early Middle Ages and formed part of the merged group of Anglo-Saxons who eventually organised the first united Kingdom of England.531–804), where they resisted the expanding Frankish Empire through the leadership of the semi-legendary Saxon hero, Widukind.

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) were a group of Germanic tribes first mentioned as living near the North Sea coast of what is now Germany (Old Saxony), in the late Roman Empire.

They were soon mentioned as raiding and settling in many North Sea areas, as well as pushing south inland towards the Franks.

"England" in Scottish Gaelic is Sasann (older spelling: Sasunn, Genitive: Sasainn).

Other examples include the Welsh Saesneg (the English language), Irish Sasana (England), Breton saoz(on) (English, saozneg "the English language", Bro-saoz "England"), and Cornish Sowson (English people), Sowsnek (English language), and Pow Sows for 'Land [Pays] of Saxons'.

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The term Anglo-Saxon, in turn, came into practice in the 8th century (probably by Paul the Deacon) to distinguish English Saxons from continental Saxons (Ealdseaxe, 'old Saxons').

The Saxons' earliest area of settlement is believed to have been Northern Albingia, an area approximately that of modern Holstein.

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Sascut lies in the part of Moldavia that is today part of Romania.


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