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Victims often do not report due to embarrassment, fear of rejection by loved ones or having to leave their home.

Factors that contribute to abuse: The mistreatment of children can be in the form of neglect or abuse, harmful things being done to them.

Not meeting a child's basic physical, medical, educational, and emotional needs is neglect.

Increasing visibility and awareness helps find a solution to the problem.

Raising awareness bears a need to openly talk about these and similar health issues.

When the partner does not behave in the desired way, the batterer uses power to punish the partner. The abusive behaviors appear after the batterer feels that the partner is "hooked" in the relationship.

The following behaviors are some of the ways that an abuser misuses power to control the partner: Why do people stay in abusive relationships?

It takes the partner an average of seven times before successfully leaving the abusive relationship.

Listed below are some of the key reasons why a partner stays in the relationship: Vulnerable adults are an at-risk population for abuse.

Warning signs include the person being emotionally upset, withdrawn or unresponsive.

Neglect is the failure of a caregiver to meet the needs of a vulnerable adult who is unable to meet those needs alone.

HAVEN 248-334-1274 877-922-1274 (toll-free) 248-334-1290 TTY Common Ground 24-hour crisis hotline 800-231-1127 (toll-free) Turning Point 586-463-6990 YWCA Interim House 313-861-5300 State of Michigan DHS Centralized Intake for Child and Adult Abuse 855-444-3911 (toll-free) National Domestic Violence Helpline 800-799-SAFE (toll-free) 800-787-3224 TTY (toll-free) Domestic (family) violence is a learned pattern of behaviors used by one person to control the other partner in the relationship.


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