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Keller did not report the incident to the school office.

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District officials stated that both the high school and Fitzsimmons Middle School would be closed for September 28 and September 29; a counseling center set up at a local church would open at a.m. Duane Roger Morrison (July 23, 1953 – September 27, 2006) was eventually identified as the perpetrator of the incident.

He was unemployed at the time of the hostage crisis, and had no known connection to Platte Canyon High School or any of the hostages.

was still in the second-floor classroom as of p.m.

An autopsy report later revealed that Morrison suffered two gunshot wounds to the head (including the fatal one fired from his gun), two additional in the right shoulder, and a graze wound to his right hand, while Emily Keyes died of a single gunshot wound to the right side of her head.

After four of the six girls were released between the hours of p.m. ") her father, John-Michael Keyes, had sent using his cell phone after receiving word that an incident was occurring at the high school.

When Keyes' father sent the message "Where are you? stating that "something would happen at 4 p.m." SWAT team members witnessed Morrison assaulting the girls, and Wegener made the decision to save the hostages by force, stating later, "My decision was either wait—[and have the] possibility of having two dead hostages or act and try to save what I feared he would do to them. Because I'd want whoever was in my position to do the same thing, and that is to save lives." but three additional firearms were recovered outside the school campus: a Colt AR-15 assault rifle found in a clearing adjacent to a river about a mile north of the school, a Browning bolt-action rifle found north of the campus near U. Route 285, and a Smith & Wesson .44-caliber revolver found south of the school near a hiking trail.Platte Canyon High School reopened a week after the shooting on October 5.Memorials had been erected along the highway leading to the school that carried messages such as "Be Strong" and "Random Acts of Kindness".He later released one student at approximately p.m., before law enforcement arrived at the scene.but later spoke via telephone and used the student hostages as relayers between the negotiators and himself, as he did not want to speak directly with officials.An investigation found that Morrison had purchased a motorcycle from the dealership, but became "extremely dissatisfied" after not receiving certain aftermarket accessories and services promised in his contract, and the dealership reportedly never made any attempt to resolve the dispute.

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