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A total of 3,839 were Level 2 "moderate risk" offenders, 4,012 were Level 3 "high risk" offenders and 266 were Level 4s, which are specified by statute as "sexually violent predators." The Level 4s are mostly the ones that keep even hardened cops up at night.

The group was started by Little Rock's Robert Combs, who understands what it is to live as a sex offender because he is one.

It's impossible to sugar-coat what Combs did to earn his spot on the registry.

As you might have guessed already, the "girl and her mother" turned out to be officers with the North Little Rock Police Department. Released to Little Rock and later classified as a Level 3 sex offender, Combs said he wound up homeless and sleeping under the Broadway Bridge for awhile before he was able to get back on his feet.

He decided to start Arkansas Time After Time, he said, after his daughter asked him what he was doing to give back to the community to help atone for what he had done.

Enter AR Wear, a cute new line of gleaming boy shorts that look like American Apparel attire but feature cut-resistant fabrics, a “reinforced skeletal structure” around the vaginal area, and convenient locks around the thighs and waist designed to empower you to “feel safer” when walking, running, dating, clubbing, traveling, even sleeping. AR wear will give you, “women and girls, additional power to control” your bodies “when things go wrong.” But they’ll also give you, parents and friends, a pointed yet elegant holiday gift for the women in your lives whose bodies need safety locks.

“Rape is about as wrong as it gets,” the two New York women behind AR Wear note in their Indiegogo campaign, which has raised a little more than half of its ,000 goal for finalizing production-ready prototypes of the design.He admits it isn't easy to be a sex offender advocate."It's like being an advocate for Ebola," he said, without a hint of a smile.In December 2003, Combs was working as a civilian historian for the Army's 2nd U. Infantry Division in Seoul, South Korea — running a military museum, driving a Rolls Royce and spending his weekends going to embassy balls, he said — when police say he flew to North Little Rock and checked into a hotel with the goal of meeting an underage girl for sex. I don't have any excuse other than I had cornflakes for brains.Police said he'd been conversing via e-mail with people he thought were a child and her mother for two months by the time he booked his flight, and that he'd previously mailed a CD containing over 100 child-porn images. The minute they clapped those cuffs on me, the scales fell from my eyes, and I realized I was living in a very dark place." Arrested and eventually convicted of mailing child pornography, Combs spent five years in federal prison.It's a proven system, and works well enough that law enforcement agencies all over the world have sought SOSRA's advice.


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