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Gunung Garuda bagian menu produk, atau klik disini..Jour d'Hermes is a new women's fragrance by Hermes, due out in February 2012. It is available as 30, 50 and 85 ml Eau de Parfum, which can be backed by 125 ml refill.

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There is a strong bug spray smell in the top note of this. I know it’s got to be me and that I perceive something differently than what others are smelling. When Chanel Gabrielle debuted, many people mentioned how much it imitated Jour d'Hermès.

It’s like when some people smell elemi and it smells like pickles to them. I think that they are quite similar and I prefer the Hermès. It's well worth owning for days when you need a bit of lift.

Christian Borle It's a very, very interesting experience to be talking to people who are such icons in their own right.

When Adele came to a show, I was just talking to her, and at the time, I thought, ' I'm just having a chat with somebody.' But then I heard myself say, ' Oh, I was talking to Adele the other day,' and it's as strange as you'd imagine.

Cultural icons garner millions of fans online in locations they have often never been themselves.

The boundary between public and private life is now everyone's business.

There are also a body lotion, shower gel and deodorant. The nose behind this fragrance is Jean-Claude Ellena.

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