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One will focus on safety and violence, the other on health.

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After School Matters has offered 11,500 summer opportunities in its arts, science, sports, technology and communications programs, including new arts-based programs in three neighborhood parks and at Millennium Park -- About 6,100 of these After School Matters opportunities were paid apprenticeships or internships More than 45,000 young people are expected to take part in the Public Library’s Summer Reading Program, and more than 3,700 to take part in programs sponsored by the Chicago Housing Authority.

The CTA partnered with CYS to hire 200 young people to work as part of their rail car appearance program.

(Partnerships can be brought into middle and high schools). Lezama, Deputy Commissioner for Youth Services, DCYS, Goldblatt Bldg, 1615 W. I am pleased to inform you that today Mayor Rahm Emanuel, along with County President Toni Preckwinkle, announced One Summer Chicago.

“One Summer Chicago” is a joint summer initiative between City & County to provide more than 185,000 summer opportunities for Chicago’s youth (Ages 6 -24).

CYS partnered with Clean Slate Chicago to provide training and summer jobs beautifying our neighborhoods for 28 young people.

Community Development Block Grant 2007 partnerships and other partnerships.It is designed to engage youth in a broad range of summer activities that are fun, healthy and safe.Starting Monday, parents and youth can go to apply for over 17,000 summer jobs through a common application form, and also provides program and registration information on more than 168,000 other recreational activities for young people.CYS partnered with the CHA to provide job readiness training to 100 CHA teens.The Police Department and CYS create summer jobs for youth that have been part of the Juvenile Intervention Support Center. Washington Hockey (Rat and other Ice; roller field.) Midway Skating. The schedule for the tryouts is as follows: Girls: Monday, June 3, 2013, 5-6 p.m. For more information on soccer teams, summer camp, and free registration for tryouts, please visit


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