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"Imagine that the air is gray and filled with poison caused by cars burning oil, gasoline.

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Buying yet another product to demonstrate one's concern for the environment smacks of self-contradiction.

The approach that many companies and consumers take, however, fits the same pattern by participating in various schemes to offset their carbon emissions.

During the last 10,000 years climate has been seesawing between the North and South Atlantic Oceans.

As revealed by findings presented by Quaternary scientists at Lund University, Sweden, cold periods in the north have corresponded to warmth in the south and vice verse.

The world's leading climate change experts will this week outline highly controversial plans to save the world from global warming.

Their proposals - which include a major expansion in nuclear power, the use of GM crops to boost biofuel production, and reliance on unproven technologies, including the underground storage of carbon dioxide - will put the UN's climate group on a collision course with a host of environmental groups.

"There isn't a single American household above the poverty line that couldn't cut their CO2 at least 25 percent in six months through a straightforward series of fairly simple and terrifically cost-effective measures." Preliminary results seem to show climate change is having an impact.

At weather stations that show a degree or two of warming, grasshoppers, which use temperature as a cue to mature, are becoming adults nearly a month earlier than they were in the late 1950s.

The global information and communications technology industry accounts for approximately two per cent of global CO2 emissions, new estimates reveal.

Gartner stated that the figure, which is equivalent to that of the aviation industry, is "unsustainable".

The alternative is a world without any carbon-reduction rules at all.

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