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Schedule an evening, invite some friends over and go through magazines, finding pictures that represent the life that you want and the partner that you want.

As you are out in the dating world, experiencing many different people and dating experiences, take the time to open up your journal and capture the things you like and dislike from each person you encounter.

Be realistic about the type of partner you see yourself with.

Being over 40 is the best age to finally know what’s important in life and relationships.

Some younger guys may doubt David De Angelo based on the fact that they can’t picture him kicking game to a banging hot 22 year old chick in a night club.

Don’t get upset if she stops talking or won’t meet you.

Let go, be free from thinking outside yourself, where you judge every step.

Because she’s either going to meet you, or she’s not, and the texting doesn’t matter all that much.

Love can and will happen at any age, if you are open and receptive.


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  2. The first is that you're friends but you're also agreeing to get busy together, while the second is no expectations, just sex.

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