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Hillary Clinton of New York by ten percentage points.

Malia Obama has not fallen in love with an undercover secret service agent. Rory went to a super prestigious high school in the UK. The Daily Mail has pictures of Malia and Rory making out at a Harvard-Yale football game.

She is reportedly dating a fellow Harvard student named Rory Farquharson. I want to be on Team Malia here and just yell “yaasss girl” at the fact that she’s getting some at a football game like a regular 19 year old college student but I just can’t get on board.

We know Barack and Michelle are exceptional human beings who have passed on their work ethic and moral standards onto their daughters. He probably won't be her James Lansome but he still makes me worry. My first kiss in first year university was a guy named Geoff who also played rugby and broke up with me when he found out I was still a virgin.

This guy once described himself as “an overconfident public school boy” and his cousin says he'd be all about the fame that will inevitably come with dating an Obama. When Lainey and I were emailing about this, she made it clear she also doesn't approve of Rory Farquharson and hopes this is just a college hookup for Malia, not the man she plans to marry. Maybe I’m a little biased against guys who play rugby but homeboy was the WORST.

Michelle Obama made an appearance at the Inbound conference in Boston on Wednesday, participating in an interview conducted in front of attendees.

The Boston Globe reports that among her comments was, "Any woman who voted against Hillary Clinton voted against their own voice."Michelle and her husband, former President Obama, supported Clinton during the 2016 election, but the former first lady made it clear that they do wish President Trump great success.

Barack Obama and wife Michelle Obama proclaim a resounding victory in the South Carolina Democratic primary, Saturday, January 26, 2008, in Columbia, South Carolina.

(Photo by Gary O'Brien/Charlotte Observer/MCT via Getty Images) Nobel Peace Prize laureate, US President Barack Obama (R) and First Lady Michelle Obama greet the torch parade from the balcony of the Grand Hotel in Oslo on December 10, 2009.

Barack Obama of Illinois and his wife Michelle Obama acknowledge the crowd at the Roberts Stadium, April 22, 2008 in Evansville Indiana.

Late exit polls showed Obama losing the Pennsylvania primary to rival Sen.

RELATED: The Obamas through the years Candidate for the U. Senate Barack Obama (D-IL) (L) holding his daughter Malia with wife Michelle and youngest daughter Sasha (R) celebrate his victory with supporters over Repulican rival Alan Keyes November 2, 2004 in Chicago, Illinois.


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