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He had been trying to avoid a confrontation, not like she wants one too.

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Most guys thinks I am an angel because I like to be proper in social settings but that is not the way my mind works inside.

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It is an inexplicable feeling of discomforting calm.

She ought to be happy but the pretense had taken a toll on her.

But falling in love could be your most beautiful mistake. So you choose to be single now and make your career first. Image Source: nuvodating It’s perfectly fine to believe that you’re a wandering boat looking to find a shore.

And if you are still clueless on why you are single, here are 10 reasons to clear that out for you. You start believing that there’s no one out there who can love you. But if you do see a shore, don’t think you’ll find a better one if you keep sailing. Nobody’s perfect and you know you’ve come across many good ones.They have become so used to eachother, perhaps slipping on basic things that could have fueled their passion for each other. She helped him remove his jacket while making little conversations to ease some of the tension between them.With a great resolve to fight for the love they once shared and probably still share, she adjusted her floral dress as she opened the door, greeting him with a light peck on both cheeks. She felt a shiver as his fingers Many people find themselves in similar situations some times. I know it’s fun to be alone and live life the way you want. Finding love or perhaps being in love and giving their precious time to someone is no exception for them. It is just that you want to make yourself worth for someone. You are very specific when it comes to the age before which it isn’t right for you to fall for someone. Try letting that guard down and see how magical love can be. But don’t keep that ice in your soul, you might catch a cold. Image Source: paydata For some people, career comes first and the rest goes down their priority list.You need lots of positivity and hard work for a good marital ride. It is a bit like building fire with wood, one needs to consistently add more wood, fuel and occasional fanning to maintain the hotness and glow.

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