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The Infant Soul has to be taught what is right and wrong.Even a highly intelligent person may seem dull or not quite pulled together with his or her thinking.

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Ways of being are supposed to be different in different developmental stages; at some point we experience it all, moving continually along to different levels of understanding and responsibility.

Michael always emphasizes that while each stage is unique and manifestly distinct from the others, no one place is better or worse than any other; they all belong in this game we have chosen to play.

Soul age refers to how a person has grown from experience on the planet, not just to how many lifetimes he or she has lived.

No person, essence or entity is "ahead" or "behind" any other, but is simply occupying another place in the continuous circle leading to and from the Tao.

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To our eyes, Infant Soul lifetimes look pretty rough. Famine, plagues, drought, flooding, hurricanes, earthquakes, tigers, bears, poisonous snakes and combat are experienced along with every other survival threat imaginable.

On the positive side, being so fresh from the Tao can give a mystical flavor to Infant Souls.

To begin the game, sparks of light and consciousness (that's us) who are attracted to experience on the earth plane cast themselves out from the Tao or God--the birthplace of all souls--and merge into a family of consciousness that includes about 1000 individual fragments or essences. Seven entities are loosely bound together in a larger group called a cadre.

Each spark of consciousness first checks out a prospective planet in what Michael calls devic form.

Each fragment will then share in the experience, feelings and knowledge of all the others.

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