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With her hands full, she could not pull down her skirt, and she was afraid that she might drop the cup if she tried to transfer it to one hand now.

Grace decided she was almost at the top already, so she continued climbing the staircase.

The six inch heels that was the second thing that transformed the men in the office to a bunch of bumbling boys whenever they saw Grace walk past their jaws would drop, and they would be reduced to a primal state with eyes bulging, hormones raging in their brains and loins, and scarcely anything else would matter.

While Grace had already worn four inch heels on the day of her presentation to the bosses, Royston had since raised the stakes for Grace, literally.

She was getting quite a bit of attention from the usual morning crowd of people going to and fro the office pantry on the first floor.

The heels were part of his plan for Graces training.

While heightening the sensuality of a womans legs, walking in these extremely tall heels was an art, as the lady would have to balance her entire body weight, between her toes and that tiny stiletto heel on the back of the shoe.

This has pleasing side effects from a male point of view.

Six pairs of male eyes watched her as she made her way slowly up the staircase to the upper floor, carrying the coffee.

Royston had asked her to go to the pantry to fetch coffee for him. What made her the center of male attraction were two things.

The obvious effect is to make the woman several inches taller, and her legs appear longer especially if she is wearing a short skirt.

Now Grace was not a very tall girl to begin with, so an extra six inches was a very noticeable increase of height for her.

Throw in pert young breasts pushing against her tight, thin white blouse restrained by the one button of her jacket, and a very short skirt, this was a lethal combination. While Grace did not know her very well, Ming had been a friend so far. Ill walk with you, said Ming, with a smile, tucking her long hair behind her ear as she approached the smaller girl. Theres a lot of gossip going around you know continued Ming, when youre dressed like that. Grace knew that Ming was asking her why she dressed like a slut, in a polite way.


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