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Type Moon's Kinoku Nasu is one of the best known visual novel writers, but his games are cursed with bad anime adaptations.

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They developed out of simple PC games in the 80s which consisted of simple stories framed by anime-style artwork.

At certain points, the player would be offered a choice, and the story would branch based on that choice.

Although, that roughly corresponds with when I started seriously following anime, so it’s possible that there’s a good series that predates it, and I’m just not aware of it.

This is the only dating game I've ever played, Type Moon's Tsukihime.

Some other notables include School Days, a dark and twisted show based on a game known for its dark and bloody bad endings, Ef, whose anime has an unusual visual style that seems divergent from the original game, and White Album, which handles the juggling of multiple simultaneous romantic relationships that such adaptations usually require better than any other show I’ve seen, and does it all with a subtlety that is unique not just for the genre, but for anime in general.

Dating game adaptations have also had an effect on the broader anime market.

It needs to be said that most of the interaction in these games consists of clicking to see the next line of the story.

There’s not nearly the kind of interaction common in Western adventure games, or any other Western game genre.

Although it still had limited sex scenes, the focus was more on the story that unfolded based on the relationship between the unseen protagonist and the girl he had chosen’ rather than being merely a way of getting people to pay a lot of money and spend a lot of time to see images of naked girls.

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