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Help me to put others before myself and to be considerate of their needs. I ask for immediate help to be able to come up with the amount to pay off our arrears in rent …

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Look in mercy upon Oliver and grant him your healing mercy.

Prayer for My Nephew to be Healed and Restored Dear God, Lord of all creation.

Prayer for New Job and Renewal of My Relationship Recently, I lost my job to reorganization. Prayer to Save Our Relationship from Infidelity Dear Jesus, I am humbly asking for your help on my current situation. I am fully aware now that havng job and receiving money is not just …

All of my peers are working, but I have not found a new job. Prayer for the Healing of My Father's Kidneys and Lungs Lord, please restore my father's health. Please get his kidneys to work properly and let his lungs be …

Heavenly Father thank you for everything I have and forgive me for any lack of faith I may have right now. Prayer for Guidance and Peace of Mind During Time of Hardship God this morning I am so stressed and depressed I have reached an all time low. Jude, Helper of hopeless cases and worker of miracles, I pray to you to help us in this hour of need. Prayer for Our Troubled Marriage to be Happy Again Dear lord, my husband & I have been separated for sometime now.

It's been extremely hard on me, being pregnant with 2 boys of our own! Prayer for Peace of Mind and the Lord's Provision My husband has lost his sight and due to the lose of his sight he has lost everything.There are alot of diseases and illnesses that effect people everyday and …Prayers for Employment, Peace and Meeting Financial Needs. Prayer for Financial Stability, My Son and My Mother Dear St.Prayer for Protection from the Trials We are Facing St Jude helper of hopeless cases and worker of miracle please pray for me and my husband.Please help us to forgive the people who wish to harm us and … Prayer to sort out a major problem - to avoid bad name Sir, I have to get the confirmation of 3 rooms at a hotel, which is sold out in Agra. Give me the confidence to move forward with my day knowing that you are standing guard, encircled around me. Give me everything I need to accomplish your will for my life. Brand Andres is a licensed minister and his passion is to help people understand the Bible and maximize their God given potential for life.


  1. While Poe’s writings gained attention in the late 1830s and early 1840s, the profits from his work remained meager, and he supported himself by editing in New York City.

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