Is shane and danielle from bb14 dating koh sibdating

To you this might just be a boring picture of a park but to me it’s after 34 years I finally see Blue!It’s crazy how different the world looks when you can actually see all the different beautiful colours you’re surrounded by.

In the game I got so used to placating to people it became like second nature to me. Usually there’s no problem for me to do this, but I really wanted that smoothie.

Clearly while watching this again, the smoothie was a lot higher priority than re-assuring Frank for the 100th time that he wasn’t getting evicted.

Paired with the returning player Dan Gheesling from week one, her alliance took on a darker tone when the season ten champ turned slightly nefarious in his efforts to secure a second victory.

While he managed to manipulate the entire house - including Danielle - she finally began to see the truth about his ways when he lied to her and effectively used her to get her showmance partner Shane Meaney out of the game.

I guess you could say that, but it doesn't really bother me because I know who I am."Dan lied a lot to you and constantly pulled moves that were hurtful. "He would make the comment that he'd never done anything to hurt me in the game, which is true, and he had never voted to evict me, so in the game, I wanted to believe that he was a good person.

I kept thinking back to season 10 and he was a good guy.

he swore on everything five minutes before we had to sit down for that live show that Shane was safe. Dan and I haven't talked about it - we are not on speaking terms."Will that change? I have no idea when I'll talk to him and some of the comments he's made in interviews today that I've heard about are worse than some of the things that happened on the show.

I had no idea about Ian."To add insult to injury, Dan told Shane when he left that you had been playing him all along. Do you think you can get over being angry with Dan? I found out a lot of stuff last night after the finale and this morning that I'm really not happy with at all. It's all hearsay, I didn't hear from his mouth or whatever, but just that he was going to take Ian to the final two and the finale was all for show.

"Shane's feelings are genuine - were genuine - and I think he was so afraid of having a showmance because of exactly what happened. Vermont is a long way away but I won't let distance get in the way."When you put Shane on the block, you really compromised his position in the game based simply on what Dan said. "Yes, but I also truly believed that Dan was going to save Shane. He said in the Ho H room that he'd do whatever I wanted if I was Ho H. Yeah, I talked to Shane about it and said it was totally, 100% not true.

He was getting paranoid and I didn't want him to pull any more antics on me and I didn't want Shane to be the one to evict Ian so that he wouldn't vote for him. Dan swore up and down to me - and I laugh about it now - that he would never do it again, his antics were over... I was never playing him, Dan was just trying to throw me under the bus for whatever reason.

Whether it's true or not, I'll have to wait and see when it comes out."Do you feel like you were really underestimated in the game?


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