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mcnt or Agriculture for ■IS years, he liad been loaned to India and Iran for live ' years In a rcscarcli program, Mr.

Surviving bcsldcs_li[s wife arc I o stepcliildrcn, Mrs, Claync Lclt'ncr.'Sea'l "* jyasli.,_and Mrj. ■ Funeral services will be at 2 p.m, ■Mond gyji LWlilte Mortuary Cliapcl by Rcv.__ — - Robert Van Ncst and Uie Hoiilstcr Masonic '^^irads may call at the morttiaty today ■ Lodge.

IS stcpsrandchlldren and 3 Gtepgrcal- erandcliildrcn. Also surviving arc two brotlicrs, Plillllp Schenk, Rupert and Jake Schenk, Hurley; four sisters, "Mrs.

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The search Is ot FBI files lor millions of documents that a multitude of applicants jiave demanded lo see since 197') amendments put tec Ui In the Freedom of Information "Act. said,--"Only a min URcutc fraction (of llie n^qucsts J arc by tlic press, and only'a small fraction fall under the umbrella of personal Inlercst." "The bulk of llie litigation under the act is hy companies or by persons bcing regulated or being chased by the government, or who liavc some special interest they are trying lo liurhui-." Axelradsnid ■ 1.- ; - ; ^ . baws nationwide," ho saldj "Where II has been t"ri(M, ' ll's been tremendously successful." "There is a whole cli;irii;c In ii Uiliide that often Is mistaken for people wanting lo do less work." Fromstcin said., "Hut this is nol il at all, Tlic real changf! S, lnforin,itlon Agency, -pledged- Saturday, in mi iih- Vnlpp of America liroadca-sl '•straiglit news" -about the United . In a wide-ranging Inlcrvlew, Helnhardl, II black and ii career foreign Ber\'lee of- ficer, said; —Tlic DSIA is building foul new Iran* imlllcrslostepup ils.signiil In eastern and souttieni Africa as pari of llic new U. ■ —President Carter's human rl Rlits stalemenls are being broadcast by VOA.

26-32 .33^34 WASHINGTON l UPI) - An FBI search which has ticdlip more than KW agents cost SG.5 million Uds fiscal year will not result In 'caplljru'ora s Tilgle kidnaper or Tirih R'any Tyank* roblwrslojuslice. Jeffrey Axclrad, "chief of the information and privacy sccttoa. infonnallon 'was given 'out pulling an infnrmiinl'sllfe In danger, and lie had ' " tolx.''givcii';ri Tew, idenllly lo'safefiuafd lilm' fr OMl ' reprisals. from mandalbrj' disclosure .r the ac t — unlcw tlie Information. Tlie exemplioiis are inteadcd lo protfcl secrecy of ongoing Invest igalloas, pnilect in- formatits, prevent inv.nstons of Individual • privacy, protect, trade .secrets and [irolecl the conlidcnllallly of Intproff Ice papers and memos. - "Flexibility in work schedule is what a'ttraiis most people to our temporary help agency," ic . "Tlic flexible work schedule has been jised (or ' ful Mlmc help,, hut on s very limited . -China continues to tw'Uie only nation jamming Voice of America broadc.s.- -The US I A 1. aspects of "public diplomacy.'-- For example,— the cultural and educational fifftce in the Stale Deparlmcnt may be if na-rtcrred lo USIA.

'Survivors are six daughters, Frances , Werth, Sacramento, Calif.; Agnes Park.

Tex.; 45 gnindclilldren and SI greal-grandctiiidrcn. He was preceded In dcalli by one daugtiterondoneson.

Twin Foils; Bcmlee Bumc, ■ Drcmerton, Wasli., ond Mari Vbargucn.

had been o, farmer and car- penter and in 1951 tic cstabllstied Lang and Son Nursbry In Soutli Park. Artcsia, Calif.; Florence Amies, Seattle: Stella Powlus.

71, - Tw[n Falls, died Wednesday at Twin Falls ^ Clink Hospitalnntraloiig illticis: Bom Nov.

he gradilalcd from Wliltmao College in Walla Walla, Wasti., and received a master's degree from Waslilnglon Stale University.

Twin Falls; wven firnndcliildrcn and (Ive Rreal- graiidclilldrcn. Ruttars, Burial of tlic r L-maliis will lie In the Pieas;ml Vlcw Ci'mi.'l(Tj .

Wednesday ,ii .^ospcii Payne Memorial Chapel by Elder Gordim G.

Seoul, Korea; two sisters, Mary Hosly, Urtumi, III., and Arna Manuel, Kcrrville. Monday at While Mortuary Qiopcl, Funeral Mass will be at a.m. Edward's Cfi Uiollc Churdi w Ilti Fatticr Perry Doddsascelcbrant.


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