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Some people can achieve muscle hypertrophy or the results they’re looking for by doing Body Pump only, but if you have a lean build and want to look a bit more muscular/curvier, you probably won’t notice any increase in muscle mass, even when gradually increasing your weights.

In my experience, Body Pump does not help adding muscle mass to my frame.

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Though I love trying new gyms and new classes, it’s also very pleasant to be able to do a Body Pump lesson with the same music and moves you already know from another gym.

Disadvantages of Body Pump classes: Body Pump will burn calories, maybe decrease bodyfat, but it will not build any real definition.

I understand that it’s impossible for them to give individual attention and that they’re already telling us many technical cues during the class, but some instructors just let people get away with very light weights and/or bad form, even when they see these same people over and over again each week attending the class.

Holly, Cali and Mel, three girls celebrating the Christmas holidays at Mel's house the night before Christmas eve.

I will usually get a temporary muscle pump during the class because of the increased blood flow to the muscles doing high reps, but this is only a temporary effect.

If I want to make big progress on the shape of my butt, I usually need to do some heavy weight lifting with lower reps.I still occasionally follow a Body Pump class, but I’ve kind of lost my enthusiasm for it over the years.But let’s start with the things I like about Body Pump: If the instructor is doing a great job, time flies and you get a good complete workout in an hour.Each section of the class works a different muscle group and is accompanied by a music track that is designed to get you in the rhythm and inspire your efforts.Even if you don’t like the music at first, you may find yourself downloading some tracks after a while!I think this type of story has been done before but I still enjoyed.

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