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just "Netflix and chill", then he gets a date Listen, Internet dating is not that bad.

Yes, deck is stacked in woman's favor but that doesn't mean it's hopeless.

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for any FA'S out there who are thinkin about starting up a profile.. (srs) so I remain FA for now...25 years goin strong (lol) Feel those pains bro. I've spent a lot of money on some sites but still nothing. That's what I've been doing the last couple of months.

I've had my fair share of troubles with online dating, especially in the beginning.

So good luck with trying to meet women 'irl' - every woman is on Tinder, and getting so much attention that you're invisible unless your SUPREMELY aesthetic - as in top 10 in your city.

Lol, no, whether you use it or not - online dating is screwing up your chances with women.

And no, 100% of the girls are not screwing 1% of the guys.

I am certainly not anywhere close even smelling the 1%, and I have always gotten plenty of quality options.

Deadliftbrah on this very forum said that pre-Tinder, she'd get feels for some of the guys she met on an everyday basis (in the gym), but these days since she has Tinder, she's drowning in options from so many aesthetic guys sending her dick pics left right and center that she barely notices those guys she used to crush on. 100% of women get laid with that 1% of the male population.

She has become numb to them because she has so many options. Most don't bother to even look at the pictures of the women they're matching with (takes too long). Therefore the majority of the guys are getting zero action (irl OR Tinder, since, as I said, the fact that girls are on Tinder means they're even more selective irl), and the majority of girls are getting lots of action off the top 1% most aesthetic guys in their city (they're sharing the top 1% most aesthetic guys between them). Lol, no, whether you use it or not - online dating is screwing up your chances with women.

forget getting an ACTUAL message or a response back (never happend) online dating is a game im simply not invited to play..

it has killed my ego and self esteem and a sht load of time basically embarassing myself, jumping through hoops and trying to impress these girls by finding all kinds of opening messages to send to these girls..

I read so much about online chicks "flaking" on other guys... OP, I'd say take some time off from the dating and focus on improving yourself so that you can be more attractive.


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