Hong kong compensated dating site

It’s not uncommon for a guy in Hong Kong to conclude a date by extending an offer to visit his place.

I’ve read a lot of complaints online from people who claim that Hong Kongers are xenophobic, gold diggers, and a host of other stuff.

Surely some of that exists but what else would you expect from a place like Hong Kong?

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Hong Kong is a relatively small island with a little extra in terms of land and some other things.

Even some of the most forward messages can get responses that would surprise most guys in other parts of the world.

To be sure some of the women on Hong Kong dating sites are looking for serious relationships and marriage. A lot of women using the sites in Hong Kong are up for a whole lot else.

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That saves them a lot of aggravation later and puts them in contact with women who might actually enjoy their company.

After guys set up their profiles they can browse the women on the site and send them messages.

In the worst case scenario they have more dates scheduled than they have time, but that’s not a big concern.

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