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This is an animation film for children which, despite its simplicity, moves adults as well.This Must Be The Place starts with Ireland and ends with Ireland.The young girl, just a finger high, is waiting impatiently for the day of the reconnaissance: together with his father she will ascend to the surface, right into the humans’ kitchen to “borrow” a sugar lump.

This is why, consequently, they are seized of their fishing boat.

Meanwhile, Filippo’s mother (Donatella Finocchiaro) takes care of the clandestine pregnant woman and, together with his grandfather, helps her to give birth to her son.

At a certain moment in the movie, there is a “submarine” sequence plan, whre the director shows the viewer what men have slid to the bottom of the sea: shoes, documents, notebooks, clothes, all belonging to the dead bodies of illegal immigrants who lie as zell on the bottom of the sea.

Together with them, many religious symbols which seem to represent those Christian values ​​too many times forgotten or simply set aside for convenience.

At first Arrietty wants to hide from Sho, who has also a heart disease that needs to be cured by an operation, but she finnally could not: the love between the two children is what will push Sho to find himself and to keep fighting for his life.

The film tells a delicate network of events in which the most threatening characters appear to be a cat, a crow, some insects and an old maid.

It’s Hayao Miyazaki that of course wrote and produced it, taking it from the book The Borrowers by Mary Norton.

On the outskirts of Tokyo, Arrietty lives with her gnome family in a small house built under a floor.

The close up, the chosen one of the entire oeuvre, is the most powerful device utilized to analyze every character of this film.

The close up probes, brings into focus, bares everything. The camera spaces out on infinite straight roads that fill entirely the screen and communicate that vastness typical of the American landscapes (this one being a metaphor of the existentialist journey of the main character).

Its turning point is when he finally have to face the sense guilt: when he finds himself in the middle of the night on a boat in the sea, he is nearly reversed by some African shipwrecked people who are asking him for help.


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