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The Scottish chieftains flocked to the Sobieski brothers and paid money for the ‘tartan’ of their clan.

It has to be said that none but the Sobieski brothers ever saw this registry and when they dropped from sight, so did this fabled ‘book’.

The pixels of dot matrix printers as well as conventional laser and ink jet printers are calculated with the help of the so-called printer driver that is specifically tailored for the corresponding printer or the series or is geared to the company standard: this is how the OKI and Brother-Drucker in FASK emulate the HP PCL (Printer Command Language) from Hewlett-Packard; they are just like these printers.

However, in the professional DTP area there are more elegant alternatives.* Postcript portrays itself through a higher level of flexibility and portability when compared to other printing techniques.

With the Highland clearances that took place after 1746, the moving of families and the raising of whole villages to make way for sheep; the backbone of any Scottish rebellion, the Highlanders, was broken.

The chieftains needed to raise money to maintain an ‘English’ style of living, and sheep provided far more profit than a collection of tenants who may or may not be able to pay the increasing taxes.

In the mean time corresponding works on a “Display-Postcript” have led to Adobe PDF formats that is generated from Postcript and is presented with a programme such as Acrobat Reader or as a Plugin for example Netscape Navigator.

All the loaded templates are only available as so-called Bitmaps, graphics created from single dots, however they can be reworked in various different techniques (vectorization or character recognition).Postcript has therefore become a standard in the DTP industry.On the other hand, Postcript can be viewed as a “one way street with a dead end” (DTP p.81) due to the fact that the already created file cannot be displayed on the screen to make other changes.The article of clothing we know today as the kilt and the tartan/clan association had their origins in the mid-1800s, two hundred years too late for ‘Period’. The feile is derived from the feile-mhor (feel-ee-more - literal translation is ‘big/great kilt’).The feile-mhor was nothing more than a rectangular piece of cloth.In pleating to sett the pleats are lined up vertically and horizontally and will form the same overall pattern of the tartan; pleating to stripe lines up the horizontal stripes alone.


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