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This ‘present is the key to the past’ assumption (and its variants) is a cornerstone of modern geology.

It involves a rejection of the biblical account of a global watery cataclysm.

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And Neandertals, for example, show signs of art, culture and even religion.

And recently, the sequencing of actual Neandertal DNA shows that many of us carry Neandertal genes—i.e. To call them ‘non-human animals’ seems entirely contrived to salvage the long-age belief system.

Evolution is a random and wasteful process that requires millions of ‘unfit’ organisms to die.

Countless transitional forms would have arisen, only to fall as casualties in the great march ‘forward’.

Why emphasize something so strongly that’s not a salvation issue?

” It might come as a surprise that we is not the important issue. It’s important because the issue ultimately comes down to, “Does the Bible actually mean what it plainly says?Also, Romans states that “sin came into the world through one man, and death through sin, and so death spread to all men because all sinned”.It gives no indication that the Fall caused only human death.To summarize, the age of the earth was derived from the rock layers, which have fossils in them, which puts death, suffering and disease before the Fall.The Bible is clear that there was no death before Adam (Romans ).Many compromising positions see these remains as those of ‘pre-Adamites’—soulless non-human animals.


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