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The girl grabbed all the spoons on the table and began to explain that only 12 spoons were available for the day, so decisions had to be made.

One spoon represented getting out of bed and another to shower. She approaches daily life with this in mind, knowing she must make decisions based on the spoons she has left.

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Ballvé uses the spoon theory to inform family and friends about living with this syndrome.

The spoon theory originated when a girl with Lupus tried to explain what a normal day is to her friend.

Ballvé decided to take a shower, but friends soon grew concerned because she stopped responding to texts. “I went in there and I had to pick the lock,” said Kayla, Ballvé’s sister.

“She was lying on the bathroom floor shaking and mumbling things, and I didn’t know how to help her.

Along with the medication there have been a few activities that have helped to reduce symptoms.

Exercise is very important, as well as drinking water, and taking salt pills.

Ballvé also took Fludrocortisone, which helped her retain fluids and remain hydrated.

Her family calls the medication Adderall a “miracle drug.” The drug helped Ballvé start acting like herself again, get out of bed in the morning, as well as focus at school.

Ballvé experienced all of those at beginning of the school year along with weight loss and sleepless nights.


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