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But liking different things gives us the opportunity to expose one another to new things the other person may not have approached on his or her own.

I also never wanted someone to have all the same feelings as I do on something. I enjoy not seeing eye-to-eye on everything with my boyfriend because it makes for lively chatter.

He also found himself the hated target of girl-blogs everywhere. If they weren’t laughing, they were calling him names (“douchebag” seems to be the most popular).

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You should want to find someone who respects you and who is compatible with you.

I believe there are certain things you should never go back on.

He loves sports, and I really don't understand what makes basketball “so amazing.” I take books very seriously, and he gets bored by them.

He likes absurdly heavy music, whereas I try to keep an open mind.

I know we mutually respect, care for, love, support and look out for each other. The person we end up with is never the person we expect, and the relationship is never going to go exactly as you imagined. Look beyond your lists, and you'll be sure to find it.

A little while ago, a Doctor took an original approach to dating and wound up on CNN because of it. Oh, it wasn’t just any list: it was a dating checklist. Yes, but what this guy did was produce a list of requirements for his future snuggle bunny which was so specific, so impossible, it became the laughing stock of all who saw it.

If you find yourself entirely changing for the wrong reasons and wondering, “Who the hell am I?

" you've let your non-negotiables in a relationship go.

But while there are differences – and maybe sometimes we bicker over them – we still have a lot in common. Our different tastes have led to us binge-watching some truly exceptional shows.

We both enjoy a good nap, and the joyous feeling of eating bacon.

Otherwise, you will find yourself entirely lost in the relationship. If you do change – which you will, if it's the right relationship – it'll be for the better.

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