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It was discovered he had an outstanding warrant in the Northern Territory and the officer reached in to turn off the vehicles ignition.But Incani drove off with the officer suffering minor injuries.I do not seek only sex; rather someone that I'd look forward to seeing even if we weren't going to engage in physical intimacy.

Posing as a nurse allowed Irelandes to win the trust of the teenager, her boyfriend and family members.

He did not commit the offences for sexual gratification because he is openly homosexual and it remains a mystery why he did it.

Paul Incani, 43, appeared in Wangaratta Magistrates Court yesterday after being arrested following an incident in which a Wangaratta highway patrol officer was dragged by a car for a short distance.

The officer had intercepted Incani near Porepunkah for a traffic offence about 2.30pm.

"It was not something that was on the spur of the moment ...

(and) not something that was incidental to an innocent arrangement.

And 40 minutes later the 40-year-old teacher was bailed by Darwin's Chief Magistrate after he lodged an appeal against the sentence to be heard in the Supreme Court.

Melbourne-based teacher Paul Incani, who pleaded guilty to indecently dealing with the teenage Darwin student, proceeded to "dry hump" the girl at a popular picnic spot, indecently touch her and make her lie semi-naked on his back.

Mr Cavanagh said the teacher's behaviour should be "denounced" as "outrageous".

"He was entrusted with the tutoring by the young lady's parents at home.

Police later arrested Incani on the Selwyn Creek Track in the Buckland Valley about 40 kilometres south of Porepunkah at 5.30pm.

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