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Making a bold statement in her childhood that she would be the next Marilyn Monroe, it seemed that she wasn't too far away to become a legend herself."Antonio is a brother to me, and Melanie has been with me for each and every birth of my three children," Stone, 56, told the , she added, "I find this salacious, unkind, unfounded reporting to be the typical pretense of what passes as 'journalism' today." Banderas and Griffith first revealed their split earlier this month.

No more will children grow up not knowing their mother or father because of a tragedy early on in their lives.helps you stay in touch with your loved ones when you are unable to do so.

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Throughout the child's life, the father would be telling him/her of his life experiences and the lessons that he learned when he was once their age.

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You can't get away from the fact that she's control over someone's imagination and sexual urges.Since her kids are getting older, is she ready for love?The Irish American actress had colorfully painted her life that inevitably entitled her a stardom that was beyond belief.Animergamergirl 99 years old online owner and uploaded it to the cloud.“Extra’s” Mario Lopez caught up with Sharon Stone at Universal Studios Hollywood, where she opened up about her love life.Should we hit it off, I'd be open to you moving in to my place.

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