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Users pay per month plus shipping and handling for the subscription years, expanding the Community Marketplace, streamlining access to third-party servers and uniting the game across platforms -- and it's all live today. Better Together is rolling out across Xbox One, Windows 10, virtual-reality and mobile versions of right now, but it won't hit the Switch until later this year.

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Mojang and Microsoft have launched Mine Chest, a physical, block-shaped chest that is delivered monthly to gamers’ homes.

It comes filled with toys, collectibles, and crafting recipes for building in-game content.

I also just want to really state that Sony is being a good partner with us.

We're in conversations with them, we're working on this together."So far, just one game, is on its way to becoming the second. Booty sees Microsoft as a leader in this space, just as the company has been in years (and console generations) past."It was a game like , one of the most popular games in the history of humanity, can work across consoles, any game should be able to -- eventually, at least."That sets the stage for what could possibly then become a broader approach," Booty says.

The Switch version will see the Better Together upgrade this year -- in time for the holiday season, according to Booty.

It's just a matter of working out last-minute details, apparently."There's no policy or real technical considerations there," he says.

"From our point of view, on , Sony is working with us on this. I think it's important for us to be respectful to some of the concerns and challenges that Sony is thinking about as we figure out how this could possibly work."This is a common refrain on the issue of cross-platform play -- Sony is the lone holdout, reluctant to open the Play Station ecosystem to other platforms.

Meanwhile, Microsoft and Nintendo have shown more interest in this space: is also playable among PS4 and Xbox One or Switch, but Sony doesn't want to enable the ability, Psyonix Vice President Jeremy Dunham told Engadget at E3.

The latest update focuses on the game’s combat mechanics, which should make fighting more interesting to the over 100 million registered users.


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