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Recording the album over four days at Blackbird Studio in Nashville made possible the participation of such notable guests as guitarist Reggie Young, who lights up a sinuous cover of Al Green’s “Full of Fire,” and steel guitarist Paul Franklin (“one of the greatest steel players alive, and one of the greatest ever,” in Scaggs’ estimation), who lifts a gorgeous reading of Richard Hawley’s “There’s A Storm A Comin’” into the stratosphere.

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Underwood was joined by Emmylou Harris and Bonnie Raitt for Blue Bayou.

Sheryl Crow and Frey made it a quintet to sing You're No Good.

She brought it home for me.” Finally, Lucinda Williams closes out the album with Scaggs on “Whispering Pines.” The two perform the song as a kind of prayer for deliverance, each of their voices yearning for a redemption that alternately seems barely within reach or drifting just out of reach.

“The Band’s original version of ‘Whispering Pines’ has an exotic quality to it that I’m not sure anybody else who’s done it has quite tapped into,” Scaggs says.

The grind of touring in the Seventies got to her, and she once described herself as being in "a rut . She added that "even the fluorescent lights in dressing rooms make me crazy." The answer was to do more of the sort of music that interested her, such as 1987's Canciones de mi Padre, her first album of Mexican traditional Mariachi music.

She continued to make innovative music, including singing the part of Margaret in Randy Newman's 1993 musical Faust.

It launched a friendship that brought several collaborations, one of which was to record the gorgeous pop song Don't Know Much.

An image of Linda Ronstadt is in the background as Bonnie Raitt (4th left), Emmylou Harris (centre) and Carrie Underwood (3rd right) perform after Ronstadt was inducted at the 29th annual Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony in New York PHOTO: REUTERS One of the things that make her so special is the range of her soprano voice and her ability to sing across different types of music.

Intriguingly, when asked which song she never got sick of singing, she answered that it was Willin' by Little Feat, adding: "Lowell George wrote that, bless his heart. I have to be emotionally connected to a song or I can't sing it." She described the Hall of Fame honour as "something I never gave one thought to" and was not able to attend the ceremony because of the debilitating effects of Parkinson's disease, which has stopped the 67-year-old performing since 2009.

"The way that your larynx makes sounds has to do with repetitive muscular movements.

"From that first rehearsal, I felt we were working on a style of music that had never been heard before," he said.


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