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Contact the owner of the site directly if you have questions or problems. I have been trying to get my MEMBERS profile and they refuse to give them to me.

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I've been trying to get with customer service for two weeks now. All these reviews praising their CMS is clearly someone from Datesitebuilder trying to overshadow to negative reviews..

I don't trust datesitebuilder at all Kudos to datingsitebuilder, because them, I don't need to study years just to have my very own dating website.

It allows me to manage the photos, members, customization and overall website without any hassle. Hmm, its been just a few months since I subscribe to but so far, I like their services.

For me, the things that make them likable are: Their pricing- It's cheaper compared to others. Profiles- their package includes profiles already so theres no need to start from scratch.

They took my clients when I cancelled due to poor customer service and charging me extra for every little fix I needed. I started my site with them and from the first month I have had problems.

Same purpose = trying to recommend another website Date I will keep doing research before I make up my mind to go with datingsitebuilder or somewhere else, but interesting to see all these spamming, self-promotion posts that sitejabber allows. Jeff provides outstand customer service and design and programming.I searched for ways on how to do it since I dont have the technical knowledge and thank God I found datingsitebuilder. Now, I have my own dating website with lots of pretty girls that why guys keeps on joining my dating site. As of now, I already have my own dating website and I am earning decent amount of money with it.Thank you datingsitebuilder and I hope that you continue to give good services to all your subscribers. I've purchased the dating software 7 months ago and all I can say is that their software is very friendly even for those who dont have any technical knowledge at all. And every time Im having problems with the site, George and the rest of Datingsitebuilders support team are always there to give me assistance.If you have no programming knowledge you have to hire a developer in order to get the script running. Datingsitebuilder is super easy to navigate and it comes with thousands of profiles. Finally, I found Datingsitebuilder and decided to give it a try.I must say, I have been very satisfied with their services since day 1.The sign up process was quite simple, after I paid with my credit card, it took me to the setup page, it required me to fill out my contact and website information.


  1. Each year we re-invest significant funds into site security and functionality, all to give our valued members the best senior dating experience in the UK.

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