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Het leefgebied bevat de grootste populatie tijgers in de wereld, die zich hebben aangepast aan een welhaast amfibisch leven.De (Bengaalse) tijgers zijn in staat om lange afstanden te zwemmen en eten vis, krab en watervaranen.The Sundarbans mangrove forest, one of the largest such forests in the world (140,000 ha), lies on the delta of the Ganges, Brahmaputra and Meghna rivers on the Bay of Bengal.

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Criterion (ix): The Sundarbans provides a significant example of on-going ecological processes as it represents the process of delta formation and the subsequent colonization of the newly formed deltaic islands and associated mangrove communities.

These processes include monsoon rains, flooding, delta formation, tidal influence and plant colonization.

Description is available under license CC-BY-SA IGO 3.0 La forêt de mangroves des Sundarbans, l’une des plus grandes forêts mondiales de ce type (140 000 ha), couvre le delta du Gange, du Brahmapoutre et de la Meghna, dans la baie du Bengale.

Elle est contiguë au site indien des Sundarbans, classé patrimoine mondial depuis 1987.

The varied and colourful bird-life found along the waterways of the property is one of its greatest attractions, including 315 species of waterfowl, raptors and forest birds including nine species of kingfisher and the magnificent white-bellied sea eagle.

Integrity The Sundarbans is the biggest delta, back water and tidal phenomenon of the region and thus provides diverse habitats for several hundreds of aquatic, terrestrial and amphibian species.Meer dan de helft van dit gebied bevindt zich in India, de rest in Bangladesh.Gelegen aan de monding van de Ganges en de Brahmaputra rivieren tussen India en Bangladesh, bieden de mangrovebossen en waterwegen een breed scala van fauna, waaronder een aantal met uitsterven bedreigde soorten.Its exceptional biodiversity is expressed in a wide range of flora; 334 plant species belonging to 245 genera and 75 families, 165 algae and 13 orchid species.It is also rich in fauna with 693 species of wildlife which includes; 49 mammals, 59 reptiles, 8 amphibians, 210 white fishes, 24 shrimps, 14 crabs and 43 mollusks species.تقطع الموقع بشكل عام شبكة معقدة من الطرق المائية بتأثير من المد والجزر والأحواض الموحلة والجزر الصغيرة من غابات المانغروف اليجوج (الذي ينبت على الماء المالح) التي تعطي مثالاً حياً عن عملية تطوّر جيولوجي ممتازة.


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