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and it probably still sticks in many peoples minds around the world as it was watched by billions at the time of the Sydney2000 Olympics.Construction on this feature started in 1922 when it was planned to be the world's longest single span bridge but just before completion in 1932 the Americans, known to do everything a bit bigger than others, built a bridge in New York that was just a fraction longer than the 503 metres this bridge measures. The bridge is still continuously being painted, when they finish at one end it is time to start at the other end, it takes 10 years and 30,000 litres of paint for every coat.

The dingo fence was constructed from 1880 to 1885 and stretches 5614 km across several states of Australia, the 1.8 metre high dingo fence was erected to prevent dingoes entering South Australia from the north and eating their sheep and is still being maintained today, and the increasing population of wild camels increase the workload of the maintenance crews.

In 1917 the railway linking Perth to Sydney was completed.

” 16 year old Jessica Watson set off in her sailingboat from Sydney in October 2009 and, at an age where a lot of girls are not even allowed to spend a night away from home without supervision, she sailed around the world non-stop and unassisted.

She had a rough start when on her way to the starting point Sydney she ran into a Chinese freight ship in the night and many people tried to stop her from going.

The scheme helped transform Australia's economy from one based on agriculture to one including heavy industry.

Environmentalists were less happy about the once Mighty Snowy River drying up into a pathetic trickle and efforts were made in the late 1990s to restore some of the flow again.The fence has also inspired several books and a movie about Aboriginal children who found their way home by following the fence through the desert for an epic distance.Lina Estevao, of Sydney, NSW, at the age of 75 years can resolve the Rubyk cube (3x3) from any scrambled position in less than 3 minutes!This pub in the town of Larrimah, Northern Territory, about 700km.south of Darwin, was reportedly built in only one weekend!Larrimah that nowadays has only 16 residents was a bit livelier in World War Two when many soldiers were based here.


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