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Like, I know Chris [Jericho] worked with AJ before, but I don't think he really got a proper chance.He debuted at the [Royal] Rumble and didn't really do much.

And that's kind of what I based my argument on and we kind of butted heads a little bit, but I really wanted him to be able to showcase what he can do because, man, he is just super, super good. He came in and there [are] a bunch of those names, where not only do you let those guys talk and let them make a statement, and I thought any of those guys, whether it be Punk, Bryan, and the list goes on and on, and Seth [Rollins], and Kevin, and AJ.

And I think, pretty much any of those guys that came from traditional roots of pro wrestling who made it to the dance and got a chance to brush up against me, I think they did a great job of explaining themselves on the microphone.

The latter has talked of her dream of returning to her hometown at Wrestlemania with the gold – could she spring something of a surprise and dethrone the incumbent?

I wouldn’t be shocked to see James involved in this one, too.

I think it [has] all been some of their best promo work and it [has] all been some of their best performances. I just try to be the best chameleon I can, I guess." According to Cena, performers struggle when they arrive in WWE because all other pro wrestling promotions cater to hardcore fans of the genre.

While it may be possible to get over on in-ring ability alone, even in NXT, that is not the case with WWE.

"I'd go as far as to say NXT is a different animal.

All those promotions that [Edge] mentioned, I'll include NXT in that fold, those are [fans] that actively gravitate towards 'professional wrestling' and that's why certain styles are appreciated and certain performances are appreciated.

I'm at a point where I do need to showcase my abilities, but essentially the goal is for a guy like AJ to show he can hang with John Cena.

And to do that, he really has to show what he's made of, so we have to do our best to showcase what those guys have." Cena continued, "I really loved the chance to be able to showcase guys for essentially the first time.

It would also be wrong to overlook the part to be played in this by the likes of the Corbin, who has been pushed hard in recent weeks.

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